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Friday, December 6, 2013

Cold day in Southeast Texas

Looks like our high temperature today is going to be 40 degrees F. Maybe 41, but that's stretching it a bit. An intermittent cold mist is falling. With wind chill, it feels about 31 outside. But, wimp that I am, I'm spending the day inside.

My bird watching today has all been done from my windows. I can see that activity has picked up tremendously at the back yard feeders, but the front yard feeder still seems to be abandoned.

As I sit in my study/office, I have a constant companion just outside my window. I've showed her to you before. Here she is today.

On cold days like today, this little Rufous Hummingbird saves her energy by staying close to her food source. She sits on top of the hook that holds the feeder, which also puts her close by the blossoms of the shrimp plant and the 'Mystic Spires' salvia. Smart little bird!

As I stood close to the window snapping these pictures, she turned to look at me. "You lookin' at me?" seemed to be her sentiment.

I'm just glad that I have at least one bird that I can watch in warm comfort on such a miserable day.


  1. She doesn't look as if she's enjoying the cold. I wonder what she does at night, since there probably aren't any other hummers for her to huddle on a branch with.

    1. There are actually at least three Rufous hummers in the yard now, but somehow I don't see them huddling together! I have seen this one head into the magnolia tree in the front yard late in the afternoon. I suspect she spends her nights there where the thick, leathery leaves do offer a bit of protection from the weather.