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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's birds

It's a busy day for gardening, but I can't help getting in a little bird watching, too. I mean, they are always there, just waiting to be watched!

There is still a good-sized flock of Pine Siskins in the yard as this group feeding on the ground under the feeders will attest.

The siskins often perch in the redbud tree that is full of blooms just now.

And when they perch they nibble!

There are still American Goldfinches coming through on their way north. This one is a female, I think.

The male goldfinches look a lot more like this these days. They are getting their bright spring colors.

Here is a pair sharing some sunflower seeds.

I wondered if the Rufous Hummingbirds would hang around once the Ruby-throats started showing up. Well, so far they have. I saw two male Ruby-throats in the yard and then I saw two Rufouses, so there are at least four hummers here today.

Here's one of the Rufouses. Note the load of yellow pollen on the beak.

And here is the other Rufous just a bit later at the same feeder.

Here's one of several female Brown-headed Cowbirds that have been frequenting the feeders this week.

And, at the bluebird box, Mama and Papa are still feeding their family. I showed you Mama a few days ago. Here's equal time for Papa.

Surely, it won't be long now until these little ones are ready to fly. May they do so safely and enjoy long and healthy lives where they are able to feed themselves just as well as Mama and Papa have fed them.

Happy weekend! Enjoy the birds in your backyard.

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