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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Dove season


  1. Dove season, eh? at my yard in Austin, they've never left and so it looks like that EVERY DAY. I'm so glad I invested the $0.79 for a small tube feeder - the doves haven't figured out how to get seed from it. (I have a slightly larger tube feeder, which, while the doves can't land on it, they have figured out that if they plant one leg on the perch and flap like mad, the feeder will tilt slightly (whilst spinning, naturally) and dump some seed on the ground. Entertaining and annoying, all at once).

    1. LOL! Yeah, my yard has dove season every day of the year, too, but they do get especially numerous from now through about the middle of February. I have some small feeders that they can't get out, too. Otherwise, they would eat me out of house and home!