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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Dear old St. Nick, or in my case St. Bob, got me a new lens for my camera for Christmas and this afternoon I headed out to the backyard to try it out. Guess what my new lens found first?

 A Pine Siskin! He was feeding at the sunflower hearts feeder with a group of American Goldfinches.

As I swung the lens around, I found several more of the little birds at the feeders.

They didn't seem interested in the nyger seed feeders today. They were going for the other seeds and for suet.

The wait is over. The Pine Siskins are here. Let the real winter begin.

But siskins weren't the only new birds I saw today.

White-throated Sparrows were feeding on the ground under the feeders.

And they were joined shortly by tiny Chipping Sparrows.

Sweet little chippie! Really one of my favorite winter birds. (Of course, I say that about all of them.)

I wonder what I'll find with my new lens tomorrow.


  1. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Looks like Santa was good to you! Great pictures:)

    1. I had a terrific Christmas and Santa, as always, was much kinder to me than I deserved. I love my new lens!

  2. Love the sweet birds in your yard. I have had several pairs of cardinals lately. I always wish for Goldfinches!

    1. The number of cardinals in my yard has increased greatly recently. They were missing for several weeks. And I am greatly enjoying my goldfinches and - now - the Pine Siskins. Wonderful birds!

  3. Wonderful photos with your new lens, Dorothy. I spotted some Goldfinches in among the House Sparrows today for the first time. Haven't seen any Chipping Sparrows yet. I'll have to see if there are any Pine Siskins among the "LBB's" (Little Brown Birds as my dad calls them).

    1. The number of goldfinches seems to increase daily. I'll bet there are some in your yard and maybe Pine Siskins, too. They are such entertaining little birds. I love having them around.