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Friday, December 14, 2012

Three warblers

There are three warblers which I can generally count on to visit my yard, and usually my feeders, in winter: Pine Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler, and Orange-crowned Warbler.

The Pine Warblers have a presence in the area throughout most, if not all, of the year, but it is really only in autumn, especially in winter, and in spring that I see them in my yard and that they come to my feeders.

They haven't been plentiful at the feeders yet - in fact, none of the birds except for White-winged Doves have - but I do see the occasional lone bird checking in to fill up on suet or seeds. More often I see them working the pines trees across the backyard fence in my neighbor's yard. Many different birds find food in those trees and warblers are among them.

The Yellow-rumped Warblers also feed in the pine trees, but at any time of the day when I step outside, I find the oak trees in my front yard alive with these warblers. Tens of the birds scurry and flutter over the limbs and leaves of the live oaks picking off insects as they go and giving their characteristic "chip" call.

Very seldom do I see one at the feeders at this time of the year. Later, in winter, they will be more common there. They, too, enjoy both suet and seeds.

The Orange-crowned Warbler has always been the least numerous of the three winter warblers in my yard. In fact, last winter,  I can only remember two or three sightings of the bird all season. This year I confess I haven't seen a single one here so far. This deceptively plain but quite beautiful little bird is a winter favorite of mine, so I do hope it will visit me this winter. When it does show up, like the other two warblers, it feeds on both seeds and suet.

My feeders are all well-stocked and ready for hungry warblers and other birds. So far, the action there is still sporadic, but as the temperatures fall, it is likely that the pace will pick up. More warblers of all three kinds would find a hearty welcome here.


  1. Great pictures. Thank you for posting. You helped me ID another bird in my yard. I didn't realize the bird I've seen at my feeder and bird bath was an Orange-Crowned Warbler. I had no idea that Warblers eat seeds.

    PS The hummingbird war is going on in my backyard. I've got 2 Rufous hummers fighting over the feeder.

    PSS Where did you get your Suet from?

  2. I'm glad the post helped with your ID.

    I actually get all of my bird seed and suet at Tractor Supply. (Do you have those stores in San Antonio?) They carry quality products and a good variety of stuff. I find everything that I need there. I get the "no melt" suet all through the year. It works even in the summer and the birds love it.

    1. I usually buy my bird seed from the Wild Bird Unlimited store. They are a little pricey, so I will definitely check out Tractor Supply. Thanks for the tip!