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Monday, January 7, 2013

More winter hummers!

I stepped out into my backyard and into the middle of a war today. The hummingbirds were going nuts! The chittering noise and activity were incredible. It seemed like a lot for just two hummingbirds.

I sat down to watch for a while and quickly realized that it was not just two hummingbirds. There were at least three and possibly four involved in the conflicts. The little critters zip around so quickly that it's hard to absolutely confirm that there were more than three, but I saw three at the same time so I know there are at least that many.

I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures, but I really can't be sure if I was photographing new arrivals or my "regulars."

Well, this one I'm pretty sure is a regular because she's sitting on the favorite perch of my longest-term visitor. This female Rufous has been here at least since early September.

And this one, I believe, is the juvenile male who's been here for several weeks. This is the feeder that he considers his private preserve, the one where he regularly feeds throughout the day and from which he chases any interlopers.

But this one, half-hidden behind a grape leaf still clinging to the bare vines, may be one of the newcomers.

Regardless of how many there are, based on their voices alone, even though I haven't yet been able to get a good confirmed look at the newcomer(s?), I believe they are all Rufous Hummers. I would be thrilled beyond words to find something more exotic in my yard, but I know it isn't likely.

In an effort to reduce the conflict, I did pull out another sugar water feeder from my cabinet and filled and hung it in the magnolia tree. Maybe that will give me a better chance of actually getting the new bird or birds into my viewfinder so I can accurately identify them.


  1. Amazing! I guess they decided to stay in South TX this year. The most I've seen is 2 in my backyard. There is a very territorial female that is always around and a juvenile male that steals a drink every once in a while. I might have seen a third bird, however I think the other 2 chased him off.

    1. They certainly seem to be here in greater numbers than ever before this winter.

  2. I'm so envious of your hummers Dorothy! How lovely they decided to stay with you for the winter.

    1. This is my second winter to host them. I'm delighted!