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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Doves and robins

I don't often see Inca Doves in my yard anymore. I sometimes see them passing through or hear them calling from around the neighborhood, but having an actual presence in my yard, not so much.

Since they are actually one of my favorite birds, I'm always on the lookout for them. Imagine my surprise and delight then, when, today, while planting some violas in a pot in my backyard, I looked up from my task to see four Inca Doves walking across my yard!

They were obviously headed toward the backyard feeders and were walking about twenty feet from where I stood. I would have liked to run and get my camera to record the rare event, but I felt sure if I moved they would fly away. So I just stood and watched them.

As I suspected, they headed to the feeders and spent several minutes gleaning the seeds that had fallen or been kicked to the ground by other birds. They didn't seem in any hurry, but they were very wary. I noticed they continually kept one eye cocked toward the sky, as well they might since both a Cooper's Hawk and a Sharp-shinned Hawk have been seen in the yard lately.

I finally sat down in a nearby chair to watch them as they fed. Lovely little birds! I hope they'll be coming back soon and I hope next time I'll have my camera.


As we headed out yesterday morning for our Monday morning breakfast date at Denny's, I noticed two newcomers in a nearby tree - American Robins, the harbinger of spring to many. In some winters, I have robins here throughout the season, but I haven't seen any around from several weeks, not since early fall/late summer, so these were the first of the season.

This afternoon, I was outside late in the day and it seemed robins were everywhere! I had a virtual robin chorus going all around the yard. It was a wonderful sound.

Are you seeing or hearing robins? If so, the people who track migrations, Journey North, want to know about it. You can report your sightings on their website.

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