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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lusty bluebirds

My pair of Eastern Bluebirds started nesting in February and the prolific birds have already produced two broods of little bluebirds, each of which had five babies. Doing the math, that means they've added a total of ten to the local bluebird population. 

Of course, I don't know if all of them have survived. It's a dangerous world out there for songbirds. But at least  some of them are still flying. I see them, identified by their speckled breasts and dull blues, around the yard almost every day.

You'd think these parent birds would be ready to rest on their laurels and take a well-deserved vacation. Boy, would you be wrong!

I noticed the birds hovering around their favorite box a few days ago and yesterday and today the female has been hard at work, constructing yet another nest of pine straw.

Unfortunately, I never did get around to properly cleaning out the box after their last brood fledged a few weeks ago. I did take the nasty nest out, but I didn't scrape and wash the walls as I usually do. I thought I had plenty of time! Maybe I can manage to at least scrape the poop off the walls if not wash them. Anyway, it probably bothers me more than it bothers the birds.

By the time the female finishes her nest, lays her eggs, broods them, and the pair raises them to fledging, it will be the middle of July or later, the hottest, harshest part of summer. Surely, the hard-working parents will then be ready to rest. But don't count on it - this is one lusty pair!


For the next several days, the Backyard Birder will be the On-the-Road Birder. Posting will be sparse or nonexistent, but I'll be back before the Summer Solstice, so watch this space!


  1. Congratulations on such a successful "housing project"! That's beautiful!

  2. We keep meaning to get nest boxes for the small songbirds round us (north London, England) but so far they seem to be doing OK in the hedges etc. A great picture you caught there