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Monday, November 19, 2012


When I first stepped out my back door this morning, the first sound I heard was goldfinches! Yes, the American Goldfinch has arrived in my backyard.

I grabbed my camera and followed the sound to the sycamore tree in the middle of the yard where I found this one goldfinch preening in the early morning sun.

After breakfast, we went over to our birdseed source, Tractor Supply, and stocked up on thistle seed. Today the thistle socks get hung once again along with the other feeders and I'll be looking for the finches to be hanging on the socks and picking out the seeds.

The goldfinches have arrived - let the winter begin!

Will we get Pine Siskins?


  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm still waiting for them here. They should be here in a week or so.

    1. I checked my eBird records and found that the earliest report that I made of goldfinches in my yard was November 17 in 2006. Most years they've been two or three weeks later than that, so November 19 is actually early for them in my yard - although I suspect they've been in the area for a while now.