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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby bluebirds!

One of the consequences of our recent spell of wet weather with showers coming almost every day has been that I have not been checking the bluebird box on a regular basis. I had checked it about three weeks ago and found four blue eggs in the nest, but I hadn't really looked at it since then.

Today I saw the male bluebird carrying an insect to the nest. After he left, I went to open the box and see what was there. I opened the box part way, very carefully, and saw two nestlings with open beaks and open eyes and even the beginnings of feathers!  They had obviously been there for a few days. 

There may well have been - and probably were - other nestlings behind the two that were up front, but I didn't dare open the door wider for fear that the little ones might get agitated and jump out. I'm just delighted to know that there is a new family of these wonderful birds, however many there may be, growing up in the box. 

I was really concerned when the eggs were first laid because the temperatures were over 100 degrees at the time, but very soon the temperatures moderated, the rains came, and the danger of overheating passed. And now, once again, we have baby bluebirds!


  1. Awwwww. How cute! I'm so thankful for all the rain. Our grass is so green and my plants are looking great. It ALMOST feels like fall:)

    1. It really has been a most unusual summer here so far, Steph.