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Monday, June 25, 2012

The bluebirds are nesting again

Before we went on vacation a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the Eastern Bluebirds were showing interest in one of the bluebird boxes once again. I thought they were probably getting reading to build a second nest and raise another family. After we returned last week, I got sick with an upper respiratory infection and didn't get outside much during the week. Finally, over the weekend, I was able to make my rounds of the yard and check the nesting boxes and I found that, sure enough, the bluebirds had constructed one of their neat little nests made of pine straw in the old box where they have raised families in previous years. There were no eggs in the nest yet.

As I walked into the den this morning, I glanced out the window and saw the female bluebird exiting the box. I imagine she is ready to lay her eggs now and get on with the process of brooding a second clutch. I worry a bit about the birds because temperatures are supposed to be over 100 degrees for the first three days this week and there is little relief in sight. Being inside a wooden box in that sun, even with its ventilation holes, can't be very pleasant.

This pair of birds were very successful with their first brood of chicks, successfully fledging all four, so they are well experienced in raising a family. I hope their second venture is just as successful.

    The female bluebird visits the box where she has built her second nest.


  1. How exciting! I do hope the heat will not be to hard on them. It is so great that you are encouraging the Bluebird population. Wish we had them in SA. I would love to watch them. They are SO beautiful!

    1. They are beautiful birds, Steph. It is easy to understand why they are such backyard favorites.