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Friday, August 26, 2011

The hummingbird migration

Once again this year, the people at the Journey South project want us to send in our reports of migrating hummingbirds.  They are especially interested in reports of adult male hummingbirds since these are the first to migrate.  Personally, I've had male Ruby-throated Hummingbirds migrating through my yard for several weeks now and perhaps you have, too.  The migration seems to have started earlier than usual this year

If you choose to take part in this citizen science project this year - and I hope you will - it is very easy.  Just click on this link:  
You'll be able to sign up and sign in and begin your reporting.

The project likes reporters to send in their sightings at least once a week, but you can actually report as often as you see the birds, if you like.  They want us to report any species and any sex or age, but, as noted, they are particularly interested in the movements of adult males.

The site has maps which show what has been reported and show the progress of the birds across the continent.  It is fascinating to check in on these maps at least weekly to see what is going on.  There will be updates posted once a week during the migration season.

This is a free citizen science project and anyone can participate, so there is no excuse not to!  I hope you will.

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